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Audemus Covert Liqueur drink me Audemus Covert Liqueur

Audemus Covert Liqueur

Believe it or not, fig leaves have more to offer than just their modesty and protection for the private parts of those who are missing underpants – they have properties that can help people with diabetes, bronchitis, and various other diseases. But apart from all that, the fig leaf has …

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Top Armagnac Featured Image drink me Top Armagnacs

The Top 5 Armagnacs

Although boasting longevity, Armagnac is still not very well known to the world outside of Europe. Less popular than its close counterpart, Cognac, this 700-year-old, wine-based spirit reigns as France’s first brandy and hails from the Gascony region. It is distilled only once in a column still and uses a …

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Raw Wine Logo – photographer credit Tom Moggach drink me RAW Wine

A Fair To Remember: RAW WINE

Photo credit: Tom Moggach Natural Wine is not new; it’s been around since, well, since the beginning of wine. Strictly natural wines are farmed organically, bio-dynamically and created without adding or removing anything in the process. They do not have additives and intervention in the fermentation process is minimal. It’s makers claim that …

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Stillwater Spaced Pale Ale drink me Stillwater Spaced Pale Ale

Stillwater Spaced Pale Ale

Built on creative roots, Stillwater Artisanal was brought to life by former internationally renowned electronica DJ and producer Brian Strumke. His past career lead him on his path towards brewing and a deal between Brian and Brooklyn, NY based Twelve Percent Imports to produce and distribute Brian’s brews. Stillwater, known …

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