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Akevitt Blank drink me Akevitt Blank

Akevitt Blank

Whisky, vodka, chardonnay, or an ale – what savoring beverage do you typically go for when that indulgent moment hits? These are classic choices, and you can’t go wrong with any. But have you ever tried Akevitt? This Norwegian-crafted spirit has been produced since the 15th century with the help …

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Eisberg Sparkling Wine drink me Eisberg Wine

Eisberg Sparkling Wines

You’ve been planning this soiree for a month. You’ve perfected the decorations and the courses, and wine connoisseur that you are, you have paired each course with the complimentary bottle. Alas! With 24 hours until you get to show off the skills you’ve learned from bingeing cooking shows on Netflix, …

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GRAND POPPY Amaro Griffith Cocktail drink me Greenbar Distillery Cocktail
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Making the World a Better Place – and an Even Tastier One with Greenbar Distillery’s Grand Poppy Amaro

Q. What tastes great, looks good and helps save the world? A. Grand Poppy Amaro from Greenbar Distillery. The taste comes from hand-crafted organic ingredients distilled with care. Greenbar Distillery’s founders enjoy long hikes through Southern California and were inspired to capture their favorite abundant flora in a single sippable …

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