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Hibiscus Soul drink me Casa Dragones Campaign

Hibiscus Soul

  Created by César Ponce “Burrín” from Bistro Bec in Mexico City, the Hibiscus Soul is a bright and seductive cocktail using Pamma Liqueur, hibiscus flower and grapefruit to wonderfully enhance the natural citrus and floral notes in Tequila Casa Dragones Blanco. If you’re looking for a cocktail to help …

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Dragones Sunset drink me Casa Dragones Campaign

Dragones Sunset

  Resembling a very warm and inviting sunset in appearance, the Dragones Sunset, which was crafted by James Beard award-winning mixologist Jim Meehan from New York City’s Please Don’t Tell, beautifully blends together orange and carrot juice, Chartreuse and Tequila Casa Dragones Blanco to make a cocktail you will want …

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Sparkling Caipirinha drink me Novo Fogo

Novo Fogo’s Sparkling Caipirinha

The araucaria tree gracing the bottles of Novo Fogo’s line of spirits represents all that the zero-waste distillery holds dear. The endangered species of pine shades the surrounding mountains with their umbrella-like branches and rely on native birds to spread their large seeds called pinhão nuts, an example of the symbiotic …

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