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G_and_T_With_Rare_Dry_Gin_210317_198481 drink me Four Pillars

How To Create The Perfect G&T

The simplest of all gin-based drinks, the G&T nevertheless has a colourful past. Born out of the necessity to make anti-malarial quinine palatable, it quickly became evident that tonic water was the perfect companion for gin. Quinine, a bitter bark extract of the cinchona tree, was used to ward off …

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ChurchBlock drink me Wirra Wirra Church Block Cabernet Sauvignon

2014 Wirra Wirra Church Block

Wirra Wirra is a prime example of South Australia’s long winemaking traditions. It was originally founded in 1894 by Robert Strangways Wigley. Unfortunately, the winery fell on hard times after Wigley’s death and eventually closed down. It seemed this was the end of the Wirra Wirra story until 1969 when …

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