Adrian Smith

About the Author Adrian Smith

Adrian is an emerging personality within the wine and spirits industry with a specific focus on the millennial and boomer generation.

Aside from Adrian being the Head of Content for Drink Me, he’s the official wine and spirits columnist for The Independent, the UK’s 2nd largest news publication (and 24th largest in the USA).

Adrian is also the official Brand Ambassador for Vivino, now at over 26 million users worldwide and works with Miele as their wine educator.

Having dabbled in winemaking, branding and even wine technology he’s worked with a vast amount of wine and spirits brands/regions over the years. Adrian founded his new venture, Sypped, to help companies explore wine and spirits in a non-pretentious, no BS fashion. His premise is to allow everyone to find their ideal tipple and build confidence to explore the world of the drink.

You can contact adrian by clicking here.

Ixa Resposado Tequila drink me Ixa Reposado Tequila
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Ixá Reposado Tequila: 95 PTS

Spirit: Ixá Reposado Tequila Distillery: Greenbar Distillery ABV: 40 (80% Proof) Type: Heartland Blue Agave Region: Jalisco Score: 95 Points A blissful golden hue sits before you, delighting the nose with a creamy caramel French toast. This is a tequila that you know even from the get-go you ought to be …

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TRU Vodka drink me greenbar distillery
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TRU Organic Vodka: 89 Points

Spirit: TRU Organic Vodka Distillery: Greenbar Distillery ABV: 40 (80% Proof) Ingredients: Organic Wheat & Pomegranate Region: California Score: 89 Points Organic mid-west American wheat, Californian pomegranate and water, that’s what you’ll find in a bottle of TRU vodka. The organic nature of the wheat brings forth a crisp, fresh …

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Ixa Tequila Silver drink me greenbar distilery
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Ixá Silver Tequila 90 PTS

Name: Ixá Silver Tequila Distillery: Greenbar Distillery Spirit: Organic Tequila ABV: 40 (80% Proof) Type: Heartland Blue Agave Region: Jalisco Score: 90 Points Organic tequila’s always tend to bring out a more developed aroma and Ixá is no exception to that norm. You can expect to discover a rich buttery herbal scent, …

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The Havana Club Boomerang

Havana Club, the spirit brand famous for being the only 100% authentic Cuban rum sold globally has launched a cocktail boomerang – in partnership with ‘Bartend Against’ – to raise money for people in areas affected by natural disasters. Havana Club, Global Brand Ambassador Meimi Sanchez will be leading the …

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