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About the Author Claire Broome

Claire Broome lives in Cleveland, Ohio, where nearly all year round she finds the will to live in a warm cup of cheer. (During the brief summer months, she simply puts ice in the cup.) Eager to expand her imbibing horizons at every opportunity, Claire happily soaks up advice, tips, and free samples from cool bartenders, uncool bartenders, and grocery store sommeliers alike—because sometimes the good stuff hides in a plain bottle.

Miguel Torres Cordillera drink me

Top-of-the-butte Brut

Wine magnate Miguel Torres’ vision of a successful business begins with respect for the land that grows his grapes. From water conservation to pest-control methods, Bodega Torres‘ practices help keep the Chilean countryside intact for future generations of both vines and residents. In turn, many of nature’s most lovely details …

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Templeton 10 year drink me

Give in to Temple-tation

Templeton Rye Whiskey celebrates its fastidiously faithful 2006 resurrection of a hometown Prohibition-Era recipe with collector’s edition Special Reserve 10 Year Old. Just over 6,000 hand-numbered bottles contain a not-so-illegal, darn-close replica of the “Good Stuff” Al Capone craved. In those years, the Templeton, Iowa-made specialty made its way to …

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Paolozzi Larger Lager drink me

Libation with “Illumination”

Edinburgh Beer Factory’s Eduardo Paolozzi is a truly worldly lager—this Munich-style Helles is made by Scottish, English, and Canadian brewers, using state-of-the-art Italian equipment to achieve its cosmopolitan, full-bodied flavor. Who’s Eduardo, you wonder? The brew is named after a prolific artist often credited with pioneering the pop art movement. …

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Jameson Bold drink me

Jameson Bold: Strive On!

As people around the world toast to Ireland this Friday, we introduce Jameson’s Deconstructed Series: The following three editions from the undisputed king of Irish whiskey showcase the original’s distinct elements like a drinkable biography. Each was created to describe and prolong various moments of a shot of the famous …

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Cathedral Cellar Chardonnay

KWV Chardonnay: Grape of good hope

Hate wet weather? Think of it as a challenge—that’s what growers for South African winemaker KWV do. Frequent drizzle clouded the 2014 grape growing season, but that year’s Cathedral Cellar Chardonnay turned out to be a silvery yellow lining. Fruit was harvested from vineyard towns along the Western Cape including …

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