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Claire Broome lives in Cleveland, Ohio, where nearly all year round she finds the will to live in a warm cup of cheer. (During the brief summer months, she simply puts ice in the cup.) Eager to expand her imbibing horizons at every opportunity, Claire happily soaks up advice, tips, and free samples from cool bartenders, uncool bartenders, and grocery store sommeliers alike—because sometimes the good stuff hides in a plain bottle.

spell estate wine drink me spell estate

Spell Estate Winery

Minnesota natives Bill and Tiki Spell are passionate collectors of wines the world over. Nonetheless, it was that old noir magic that enchanted them enough to move West and start their own winery in Santa Rosa, California. The notoriously delicate “pinecone” grape may embody an elusive grail that many the …

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tap357 drink me Tap357

Oh Canada! Tap 357 Whisky

If maple syrup can make buckwheat popular, imagine what it can do for rye. Mingle the amber ambrosia with three-, five-, and seven-year-old rye whiskies and you get Tap 357. Suspicious of sappy spirits? This rich, smooth maple essence won’t stop you seeing the forest for the trees: Understated sweetness …

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Paolozzi Larger Lager drink me

Libation with “Illumination”

Edinburgh Beer Factory’s Eduardo Paolozzi is a truly worldly lager—this Munich-style Helles is made by Scottish, English, and Canadian brewers, using state-of-the-art Italian equipment to achieve its cosmopolitan, full-bodied flavor. Who’s Eduardo, you wonder? The brew is named after a prolific artist often credited with pioneering the pop art movement. …

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Jameson Bold drink me

Jameson Bold: Strive On!

As people around the world toast to Ireland this Friday, we introduce Jameson’s Deconstructed Series: The following three editions from the undisputed king of Irish whiskey showcase the original’s distinct elements like a drinkable biography. Each was created to describe and prolong various moments of a shot of the famous …

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Bluebird Alpine Liqueur drink me

Bluebird Of Happiness

Love the warmth of a cup of tea? How about a shot of it instead? Bluebird Alpine Liqueur derives its soul-soothing qualities from fermented batches of the old English standby—but there’s no need to put the kettle on to feel the heat of this creation. Enjoy it neat, or, in …

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St Giles Tuscany new york drink me adrian smith
CitiesNew YorkSleepTravel

The Tuscany Hotel

  New York is the city that never sleeps, but you’ll find peaceful tree-lined streets and riverside walks there too. Whether you’re a tourist or a native, if you’re in love with both aspects of The Big Apple, consider a stay at The Tuscany Hotel. Nestled in Manhattan’s Midtown Murray …

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