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Sara is Drink Me’s ‘Editorial Manager’. If there’s something hot out there that you need to know about, she’s on it. If there’s a latest release that’s just hit the shelves, she’s covered it. With a passion for the Drink and a career in the world of writing, it doesn’t take long to get lost in her words and creative writing voice while learning about your latest, greatest and favorite tipples!

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Oak Tumbler drink me

The Oak Honey Whiskey Tumbler

Every drink is paired with its ideal drinking vessel. Whether to bring out aromas or taste, the compatibility of glass and drink is of the utmost importance. The folks over at Nisnas Industries are no strangers to perfecting this idea and they make everything by hand. Their recent endeavor tackles …

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Vinum cellars drink me

Wine Selections From Vinum Cellars

What began as a small business endeavor soon grew into a widely distributed and highly regarded winery. Richard Bruno and Chris Condos are two lads that met back in college and these first generation California winemakers decided to evolve their shared passion into a career. They scoured California’s coastal vineyards …

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vinum drink me

Vinum Cellars

Former UC Davis students, Richard Bruno and Chris Condos, held onto their collegiate friendship and collaborated in 1997 to establish the independently owned and operated Vinum Cellars. Their mutual passion for Chenin Blanc and other more obscure grape varietals has lead them on a path to wine greatness. Bruno and …

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