For the past five years The Wellesley Knightsbridge Hotel in London has been providing it’s guests with a sanctuary that provides a toast to classic adornments whilst integrating a chic and modern twist that just screams luxury from it’s rooftops. It’s exuberant extravagance and classic décor has wowed London’s elite since first opening their doors back in 2012. The Wellesley features beautiful rooms and amenities worthy high praise. With attractions like live silky smooth jazz music, a world class cigar selection, dedicated Rolls Royce chauffer service for guests, and (of course) the best of the best in customer service, it is no wonder that the Wellesley has catapulted itself into the stratosphere amongst luxury lodging. But amongst all of these remarkable attractions, resides one attraction in particular that we here at Drink Me are particularly enamored with… their awe-inspiring crystal bar. This breath taking lounge area features a marvelous 1920’s décor style. The speakeasy type of atmosphere, coupled with an impressive crystal display of some of the finest spirits this world has seen, makes for a lounge area that is truly worthy of celebration. Luckily for us the Wellesley is celebrating it’s five year landmark anniversary, and they’re doing so in style. With this being the five year anniversary, the Wellesley Knightsbridge has brilliantly created five new cocktails to represent each year since their inception.

Medio Tiempo

As previously stated, The Wellesley has a truly marvelous and world class cigar lounge at guest’s disposal. With such a luxury, it is only natural that mixologists would experiment with these unique resources. The Medio Tiempo features a Havana Club rum that has been infused with their Behike 52 cigar leaf. The infused rum is then mixed with chocolate liqueur, sweet vermouth, chocolate bitters, and is finished with a wood smoke. These ingredients masterfully culminate in a cocktail that makes one think of enjoying a stogie portside as they yacht over crystal clear blue ocean.

Ella Fitzgerald

“The Queen of Jazz” is finally getting a toast that she rightfully deserves. This cocktail exudes the type of iconic flavor that Ella Fitzgerald and the Roarin Twenties brought along with them. With the hotels 1920s décor and this cocktail consisting of Chivas Regal 12, vanilla syrup, hibiscus citron tea, and Mandarine Napoleon, The Wellesley has truly gone above and beyond to make sure that their guests feel like members of a golden era.

Bossa Nova Bass
Bossa Nova drink me The Wellesley

When staying at the Wellesley, guests are afforded the great pleasure of being able to patron the wonderful jazz lounge in the hotel. Perfect to sip while enjoying some smooth brass instruments, the Bossa Nova Bass is a fruity cocktail sure to make you want to slip into your dancing shoes. The brilliant combination of gin, apricot brandy, lemon juice, Galliano liqueur, and pineapple juice all come together to perform an energetic yet elegant dance in each glass.

Silver Lady
Silver Lady drinkme The Wellesey

The Silver Lady cocktail is a modern take on an old classic. In honor of the hotel’s extravagant Rolls Royce car service, this modern sidecar cocktail is the perfect representation of the simple yet ravishing class that Rolls Royce exudes. A mixture of Calvados, lemon juice, Grand Marnier, and apple slice garnish all combine to form a minimalist yet delightfully tasty concoction worthy of those who drive a Rolls Royce.


The Wellesley Martini
The Wellesley Martini drink me The Wellesley

Cheers to 5 years. This drink celebrates the culmination of meticulous preparation, upkeep, and hard work in general that the Wellesley is proud to say they’ve committed to their hotel. A true staple in the crystal bar, this classic martini has become synonymous with the Wellesley’s growth. But this cocktail was also quite synonymous with the man who’s portrait is proudly displayed in the Wellesley’s cigar lounge. You may have heard of him. His name is Winston Churchill. Sir Churchill’s personal favorite cocktail features Belvedere vodka and homemade vermouth with a pomelo twist. These ingredients form a simple yet devastatingly delicious cocktail that is worthy of being raised in a toast to another five years.

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