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Betsek 2013 6p Aszú drink me Betsek 2013

Royal Tokaji: Bestsek 2013

The Hungarian Minister of Agriculture has recognized 28 villages and their vineyards as classified producers of Tokaji. At the base of the Mád grape growing region sits Betsek Hill. These vines are aged 20-40 years and grown in rich Nyirok clay. The grapes were harvested in 2013 before macerating for …

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Amaro dell'Etna drink me Amaro dell'Etna

Amaro dell’Etna

M.S. Walker is introducing their notorious Sicilian digestif, Amaro dell’Etna, into the American market. A digestif is a drink intended to aid your digestion after a delicious meal as you move from the kitchen table to the parlor to wind down with a game of cards and, perhaps, a cigar. …

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