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Allagash table beer drink me

Hoppy Table Beer From Allagash

In 1995, Rob Tod decided to found a Belgian brewery in Portland, Maine after surveying breweries across the United States and noticing a dearth of American Belgian breweries. The Allagash Brewing Company originally opened in 1995 as a modest, 15-barrel brewery that brewed a single Belgian witbier called Allagash White. …

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Ninakasi Believer drink me

Ninkasi Believer

In 2006, when Ninkasi first opened their doors, co-founders Jamie Floyd and Nikos Ridge brewed this delicious double red ale as a thank you to the community that helped open the brewery. It was originally released as a seasonal brew and then discontinued. However, because of popular demand they are …

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Hopsy Hometap Krups drink me

Hopsy Hometap

In 2015, a team of beer lovers were suffering from “fear of missing out” due to the San Francisco traffic. Sitting bumper to bumper caused them to miss out on the slew of amazing local breweries popping up all over the area. Wouldn’t it be nice to experience the awesome taste of those …

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GUinness Antwerp drink me

Oh My Guinness!

Arthur Guinness established the brand of Guinness in 1759 after he signed a 9,000-year lease on St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin. Ever since then Guinness has been the world’s most famous stout for hundreds of years. This iconic beer only requires four simple ingredients such as water, barley, hops, …

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savour beer champagne brut drink me

Savour’s Beer Champagne

In 2013, British entrepreneur Sandy Kirkpatrick founded Savour Beer, a farmhouse beer distillery that focuses on supporting and promoting British produce and agriculture. From his beginnings as a farmer’s son in Sanquhar, a town located in South-West Scotland, Kirkpatrick felt that Britain always had the best resources, knowledge, and experience …

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heinekin draft onboard KLM drink me

Fly With A Heineken

Beer on tap may have been changed entirely by the infamous Dutch brewing company. Heineken joined forces with KLM and is pioneered the first ever in-flight Heineken beer tap experience. The two Dutch brands are achieving a world’s first by making draught beer available 30,000 ft in the air. It …

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