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Introducing Kaelo, the iceless ice bucket

To describe the Kaelo (pronounced Kay-Lo) as an ice bucket is a quintessential British understatement. After an ice water soaked incident in an upscale restaurant, Kevin Jabou, Inventor & founder, decided the ice bucket was well overdue for innovation. He spent 8 years pioneering and perfecting the Kaelo by employing …

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Sipping Like a Gentleman

Jack Daniel’s hardly needs an introduction in the American whiskey market, a titan of malt that remains a popular choice with both connoisseurs and amateurs alike. Inspired by the distillery’s founder, Gentleman Jack brings a higher-end profile to the Jack Daniel’s lineup. Considered their smoothest spirit, Gentleman Jack undergoes a …

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Toto Grill drink me Toto Grill

ALFA 1977: Toto Grill Oven

Manufactured in Italy, available world-wide, the Toto Grill Oven and other grill-based products ranging from BBQ’s to refractory bricks and stoves are what many would refer to as a Pitmaster’s dream come true. Created by Italian firm Alfa 1977 for over 40 years, nearly 500,000 wood and gas fired ovens …

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Ixa Resposado Tequila drink me Ixa Reposado Tequila
DrinkSpirits Reviews

Ixá Reposado Tequila: 95 PTS

Spirit: Ixá Reposado Tequila Distillery: Greenbar Distillery ABV: 40 (80% Proof) Type: Heartland Blue Agave Region: Jalisco Score: 95 Points A blissful golden hue sits before you, delighting the nose with a creamy caramel French toast. This is a tequila that you know even from the get-go you ought to be …

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TRU Vodka drink me greenbar distillery
DrinkSpirits Reviews

TRU Organic Vodka: 89 Points

Spirit: TRU Organic Vodka Distillery: Greenbar Distillery ABV: 40 (80% Proof) Ingredients: Organic Wheat & Pomegranate Region: California Score: 89 Points Organic mid-west American wheat, Californian pomegranate and water, that’s what you’ll find in a bottle of TRU vodka. The organic nature of the wheat brings forth a crisp, fresh …

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Ixa Tequila Silver drink me greenbar distilery
DrinkSpirits Reviews

Ixá Silver Tequila 90 PTS

Name: Ixá Silver Tequila Distillery: Greenbar Distillery Spirit: Organic Tequila ABV: 40 (80% Proof) Type: Heartland Blue Agave Region: Jalisco Score: 90 Points Organic tequila’s always tend to bring out a more developed aroma and Ixá is no exception to that norm. You can expect to discover a rich buttery herbal scent, …

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