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Bare Bone Vodka, 98 Points

Don’t confuse the “no bull” image of Bare Bone Vodka, with a lack of complexity. This brand is all about directness, and it’s perhaps because of that unswerving approach, that we’re allowed to experience the subtle nuances of this mixed grain vodka. An unapologetic southern corn spice on the nose …

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Rosé All Day, And All Night

Three Olives Rosé Vodka is a must-try flavored vodka that combines the fruity taste of rosé wine with signature smooth, crafted vodka. To celebrate the great taste and mixability of Three Olives Rosé Vodka, the brand has teamed up with Betches Media, the satirical socially-driven authority behind the “rosé all …

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MARQUIS Vodka Drink Me MAg

Vodka Honesty

My evening had been going well—nothing life-changing, mind you, but this first night at Revel, the two-billion-dollar boondoggle in Atlantic City, was chugging along pleasantly. Decent dinner, personable company, new hotel. And then I saw it: Behind the bar at one of the many venues there at which one may, …

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AO Rice Vodka Suntory Drink Me Magazine

AO Vodka, Distilled From Japanese Rice

Japanese culture has long been associated with harmony in nature. From the misunderstood intricacies of flower arrangements to the most delicate and contemplative snip of a bonsai tree, Suntory ambitiously introduces this concept to the Western culture’s most beloved spirit: vodka. Just released to the U.S. market, Ao Vodka is a premium …

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