The one thing that stands between me and a vintage wine is self-control.

Okay, just kidding. It’s actually the wine cork. That oh-so-fragile cork that will—if you’re lucky—just break in half when you try to take it out of the bottle. Or, in the worst case, just practically disintegrate into your wine.

Luckily the wine experts behind the Durand have made the cork in a mature wine a less scary prospect. They’ve developed a special patented corkscrew with just the right touch.

Like many corkscrews, the Durand has a helix that is screwed into the cork. But the Durand also has a second component with blades that is used in conjunction with screw to support the cork during the removal process.

The Durand corkscrew comes with directions and is easy to use. It’s a good investment if you open a lot of older wines, just don’t expect this corkscrew to be foolproof. Care is still needed with fragile corks.