10. Grown Men Sometimes Want “Girly” Drinks. And That’s OK!

Sometimes we want to venture out from the social norms of sticking to whiskey and beer and that Mai Tai that girl just ordered looks DELICIOUS.

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9. Not Everyone Is A Pro.

Not everyone spends their weekends bar hopping and ordering the fanciest drinks. Sometimes we’re get the rookie that’s out with coworkers that has no idea what to order besides of what they saw on Sex in the City or Mad Men. It’s our job to guide them to their new favorite drink.

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8. Flavored Vodka Isn’t Going Anywhere

It hurts my heart to see bars that have 100’s of selections of flavored vodka and only a couple bottom of the barrel selection of scotches or whiskeys. It’s one thing we’ll always have to deal with. Some people don’t enjoy the taste of alcohol and if they want to sweeten it up with Cherry Vanilla Oolong flavored vodka, they have every right to enjoy it. On a side note, in house infusions are totally acceptable in my book.

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7. The Know It All’s WILL Always Keep Knowing It All.

Oh you like Manhattans? They had the BEST Manhattan made by Alec Baldwin. Negroni? Only made with the best gin in SF aged in handmade barrels.  We all have to deal with it at some point. They throw bar terminology in your face that makes you want to grab a thesaurus. “I used to be a bartender in college.” types that are used to nothing but the best.

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6. We All Have A Happy Hour Best Friend

She comes in every other day for happy hour and you know every aspect of his work life, love life, and sex life. She’ll make friends with everyone around her and give you a hug before she leaves as happy hour is ending.  It’s not a complicated relationship. We still get to see her Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between 3pm-5pm.

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5. We’ve All Dealt With The Spoiled Brat Who Forgot Her ID.

Yeah. It’s in your car. In your hotel room. Left it at another bar. We’ve heard the same story a million times. No identification means no drinks. It’s not my rule. It’s the law. I don’t care who your daddy is.

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4.  We Know The Band Sucks.

Trust me. I’ve had to hear him or her belch out the same ballad every Thursday for the past 6 weeks. It’s the owner’s son’s girlfriend, so there isn’t much I can do about that one. Have another pint and wait for it all to blow over.

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3.  Some People Just Want Cheap Booze & Really Don’t Want To Tip You For It.

Those weekend warriors or happy hour hunters come in on a regular basis for cheap drinks and snacks and then are never heard from again by the time happy hour is over. Boasting a bar bill of about $13, you’re lucky if you get a one dollar bill to thank you for your services.

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2. Not All Of Us Can Do Awesome Bar Tricks, But We Try All The Time.

Flipping glassware, spinning bottles, lighting things on fire. Trust me, we’ve all tried it. For the ones that can do it successfully, you’re a master entertainer.  Sometimes it’s fun to watch. Most of the time I just want my damn drink, Tom Cruise.

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1. We Make The Best Wingmen/Wingwomen

First date? We have you covered. Anniversary? Complimentary champagne. Alone on business? So is that girl sitting in the corner sipping chardonnay. We love to play matchmaker. It’s fun and usually everyone wins in the end.

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