You don’t need to be from Canada or Vermont to truly appreciate the delicious complexity of maple. The succulent sweet richness is a welcome addition to many different beer styles so; there is a maple beer to please any palate.

Sam Adams Maple Pecan Porter
samuel adams maple pecan porter drink me top maple beers

Sam Adams of course has an entry into this category like they do in so many others but this porter is a real standout. It has a malty, chocolate-y and, slightly sweet opening and finishes off with a strong but not overpowering maple aftertaste. Unlike so many other maple beers the flavor of this one doesn’t overwhelm the drinker and the mouthfeel doesn’t get weighed down by the addition of the maple.


Sierra Nevada Maple Scotch
Sierra Nevada Maple Scotch drink me top maple beers

With a unique entry to the field is Sierra Nevada. They’ve added a nice bit of maple to a Scotch ale base to craft a well-rounded and deceptively easy to drink beer. It has a malty and maple nose and goes down smooth hiding it’s 7.3% abv. Watch out for this one because it will sneak up on you.


The Bruery Autumn Maple
BrueryAutumnMaple drink me Top Maple Beers

Leave it to The Bruery to make a play on an exploding style and knock it out of the park. The fall maple beer is actually a pumpkin beer that is brewed with 17 lbs of yams and then spiked with molasses, spice and a heavy dose of maple syrup. For all of that it still comes out as a surprisingly balanced delicious beer. It’s like a sweet potato pie in a bottle in the best possible way.


Evil Twin Michigan Maple Jesus
Michigan Maple Jesus beer drink me top maple beer

What happens when you take Even More Jesus and make it even more? You get Michigan Maple Jesus. Starting from a base of Even More Jesus, Evil Twin bourbon barrel aged it with delicious fresh maple syrup and what came out is astounding. All of these flavors come through in a prefect blend that makes you want to thank Jesus just for this beer.


Funky Buddha Maple Bacon Coffee Porter
Funky-Buddha-Maple drink me top maple beers

What happens when an established brewery such as Funky Buddha runs with a theme? Well you get the Maple Bacon Coffee porter. The idea is simple: evoke a full diner breakfast in a beer. It opens with an aroma of coffee, cocoa, maple, and bacon; goes down smooth and blends the flavors together in a way that is complex and luxurious. A beer like this could easily go awry but Funky Buddha pulls it all together in a spectacular fashion.