With Summer fast approaching, you’ll need a beer that will quench the thirst from the heat. Thankfully, Mexican brewers are the masters of making a refreshing beer that beats the summer sun

Corona Extra
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What kind of list would this be without Corona. It’s the classic. A go-to. Pop a lime wedge into the mouth of the bottle and enjoy the weather. There’s really nothing more to say.

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If Corona is a little too pricey for your blood, why not try a Tecate? A cheaper, crisper lager from one of Mexico’s largest breweries. It’s the perfect platform for an instant gose. A bit of slat around the rim and a lime down the top brings out the dry, sour underlying profile of the beer.

Modelo Negra
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For a different profile from Mexico try a Modelo Negra (formerly Negra Modelo). This Vienna lager has a rich malty flavor with some subtle hints of caramel and coffee. It’s prefect for relaxing by a late night summer bonfire.

Bohemia Pilsner
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To prove that Mexico is not a one trick pony, there is Bohemia Pilsner. It has a crisp, hoppy nose with some light maltiness to it but an extraordinary pilsner flavor. This is not just a great Mexican pilsner; it’s just a great pilsner.

Dos Equis Amber
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And finally the drink of choice of the most interesting (wo)men in the world: Dos Equis. However, this is not the traditional “Special Lager,” this is Dos Equis Amber. A delicious smooth lager that’s slightly lighter than the Modelo but retaining the wonderful malty flavor. It’s hard to stay thirsty with these around.