Las Vegas is famous for many things, its large entertainment complexes and casinos, however, there is another aspect of Las Vegas culture that people travel far and wide to experience; the signature cocktails from the Las Vegas Strip. The strip famously boasts a 4 mile stretch of themed hotels, luxury resorts as well as many different gaming and casino options. The strip is home to world famous establishments such as Caesar’s Palace and Bellagio, and even though enthusiasts can still play online using sites like Spin Palace, nowhere else will provide a cocktail experience quite like this. Sip and savor!

The Thai Down: The ChandelierChandelier drink mebest vegas cocktails

The Chandelier is a 3 storey bar located in the cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, they offer an interesting selection of unusual drinks that combine a range of spices and savoury flavours. The Thai Down includes Milagro Blanco Tequila, Domaine de Canton Liqueur with Strawberry puree for added sweetness. The cocktail gets its name from Thai chilli infused syrup and Thai basil that is added to the drink to create some spice. The Chandelier has a tri-level crystal enshrouded bar and tries to create a different experience on each floor. The bottom floor is devoted to its speciality drinks like the Thai Down and the Madame Curry and has a DJ providing entertainment. The second floor then specialises in cocktails designed with molecular garnish whilst the third floor is home to more feminine craft style cocktails such as the Violet Femme.

Tatonga: Rhumbarrhumbar cocktail drink me best vegas cocktails

Rhumbar is located within the Mirage Hotel and Casino, the Strip’s first ever “megaresort” opened in 1989, incorporating gold dust on to the exterior of the building. Rhumbar offers the Tatonga as their signature cocktail. There is an old story that sailors used to mix rum with lime, sugar and other fruits they could find to combat scurvy. The Tatonga is based on this old recipe but uses Sailor Jerry’s spiced Rum as well as Mango Cruzan rums, lime, pineapple juice, Angostura bitters and cane sugar. Rhumbar is a very sleek cigar and cocktail lounge which tries to rely the relaxed mood of the Caribbean.

Three Rum Scum: Frankie’s Tiki RoomThe Rum Scum best vegas cocktails drink me

Frankie’s Tiki Room is a Polynesian themed rum cocktail bar just off the strip on Charleston Boulevard. The three rum scum combines Sailor Jerry rum, not to mention others with nothing but fresh oranges and coconuts. The menu description for the three rum scum reads “Be prepared to apologize to everyone”. Frankie’s Tiki Room has a number of popular rum cocktails such as the lava letch, bearded clam and wild watusi however, none can quite match the three rum scum.

Peach and Chipotle Margarita: Casa FuenteCasa Fuente Images drinkmemag. vegas cocktails drink me

Casa Fuente is hidden away into the Forum shops at Caesar’s Palace, this cigar lounge has a similar atmosphere of a Havana club but with an interesting selection of cocktails on the menu. Casa Fuente have added Tabasco sauce to their version of this classic cocktail for heat, lime and the peach chipotle jam and chipotle sauce. The peach and chipotle margarita is both fruity and spicy, many establishments have added this cocktail to their menu but, Casa Fuente is the home of the original.

This Special Guest article was written by Lucas Hood.