When tequila night rolls around, you know you’re in for a good time. This incredibly versatile spirit is great for sipping over ice, as part of a variety of cocktails, and now… in a creative collection of ways you’d never even thought about. Join Drink Me and Azuñia Tequila as we bring a whole new light to the way you use tequila.

oysters tequila drinkmemag.com uses for tequila drink me

Cooked oysters are typically soaked in savory melted butter among other ingredients that the chef of the night deems the right combo. To alter the traditional idea of oysters, splash some drops of tequila on them with a dash of hot sauce to give a new take on a shellfish fan favorite dish.

tequila drinkmemag.com uses for tequila drink me salsa


Get your game day snack recipes ready. This one is sure to be a hit this football season! Spike your favorite homemade salsa recipe with a smidge of tequila, zest of lime, and pinch of salt to enhance the natural flavors and aromas of the chilies. Your palate will be yelling touchdown!

popcorn tequila drinkmemag.com uses for tequila drink me


It’s no secret that tequila and lime are two peas in a pod, so there should be no shock in how delicious this combo is as a seasoning on popcorn. Azuñia suggests this tequila lime popcorn recipe, but the possibilities are endless. Maybe we can get those local movie theaters on board for a more adult flavor option.

Tequila Cold Remedy drinkmemag.com uses for tequila drink me  tequila marinade


Marinade is such a vague and general terminology for a sauce in which to drench your meats and seafood; there are boundless tequila marinade recipes that you can always alter to your specifications. Again, the duo of tequila and lime make their entrance as the base for a marinade sure to please your palate. Great with fresh garlic, zesty cilantro, and cumin, but also as an additive to traditional barbeque sauce for a bit of a change up. 

Cold Remedy
Tequila Cold Remedy drinkmemag.com uses for tequila drink me

Don’t let the chill of the changing seasons get to you. Fight off a cold with a powerful, kicked up shot of tequila. Mix together .5oz Blanco Tequila, .5oz agave nectar, and .5oz lime juice. Together these ingredients aim to eliminate bacteria, soothe sore throats, and give a boost of Vitamin C.

Though this is just a sample list of the many various uses for tequila, it’s clear this spirit is a true game changer. Did any of these uses surprise you? Do you have uses of your own? We’d love to spread the word!