Sagaform Oak Stopper Wine Carafe
Wine Carafe with Oak Stopper design by Sagaform wine gifts

A proper wine carafe is a must have for any wine enthusiast. Not only do these decanters look gorgeous on a table, they actually improve the wine you are drinking. A fabulous gift that the recipient can put to use immediately.

Corkers Wine Robot Set
Corkers Robots Set wine gifts drink me

Corks…those little momento’s we all keep when we’ve gone through a bottle of wine we want to remember. But what if you could take that a step further? Pin your corks to life with these innovative and whimsical kits. Stare in wonder and hilarity at a dinner party while you watch each person design their own cork, or mutilate someone else’s. It’s pretty damn funny.

TRIbella Wine Aerator
tribella wine pourer aerator drink me wine gift guide

This is without question our favorite aerator on the planet, and that’s saying something! If you haven’t already gotten yourself a TRIbella, splash out a little, it’s unquestionably worth it. Not only does it do a fantastic job at opening up harsh wines, its seamless no drip patented design looks exceptional (three spout waterfall affect) and will impress every person in sight. Every time we’ve used out TRIbella in public we’ve been asked by people “Where can i get one of those?!”.

Crosleys Wine Island
Alexandria Natural Wood-Top Kitchen Wine Island drink me wine gifts

The luxury item on todays guide is the handcrafted Alexandria Wine Island. Whether you’re a connoisseur of fine wines or simply a casual fan, Crosley’s Kitchen Wine Island offers the utmost in entertaining convenience. The cabinet features a 20-bottle wine rack and side-mounted 3-bottle wine valet and the top provides ample surface space for presentation of your wine and cheese alike. Raised panel doors conceal the adjustable inner shelving and two sliding drawers provide several options for storage.

W/W Carafe
WW Carafe drink me

Whether water or wine the W/W Carafe provides the best of both worlds. Flavor your water or use the aesthetic pouring system when aerating wine within the carafe. Its simple, sleek and most definitely looks the part. The ‘raining’ process that occurs when wine is poured into the decanter is visually arresting and increases the surface area of the wine by eight times a normal pour from the bottle, thus providing 800% aeration and improving the wine’s flavor.


REWINED have quite simply innovated the world of candles for wine lovers. Offerings a multitude of varietal flavors, including: Champagne, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Riesling, Pinot Grigio and more, there really is something for everyone.