Gin has long been a liquor staple worldwide since its invention by Dutch physician Franciscus Sylvius in the seventeenth century. Due to gin’s early inception, there are many gin distilleries worldwide that have a long, storied history of distilling gin to their particular nation. One of these distilleries is No. 209, founded in 1882, the distillery went dormant just prior to the prohibition. It was in 2003 they relocated to San Francisco and have been creating their iconic gins ever since. The name is simply derived from the distillery license number that the Federal Government granted founder William Scheffler 134 years ago. Since then, No. 209 has continued to thrive and has even undergone major renovations, including a move in 1999 to their present day location of San Francisco. No. 209 carefully and methodically distills their gin in a single-shot process over a span of 11 hours. The end result is an exquisite gin that has satisfied customers in the Bay area and nationwide.

Using their expertise of gin, No. 209 has unveiled a Ginthusiast Guide along with their entire newly renovated website that will help consumers with gin cocktail ideas. The guide will help find the right cocktails for the different social drinking settings that arise. The guide takes the consumer through a few questions about the person’s flavor profiles and recipes to produce a cocktail suggestion to the person’s preferences and taste. Each of these expert cocktail suggestions can be scaled up or down to include or exclude ingredients so that the patron can find the exact drink to his liking and enjoyment. The Ginthusiast Guide is just one of many exciting aspects of the no. 209’s newly renovated website and their ever consistent distillery.


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