Scotland is a country of sweeping vistas and rich culture, and whisky so distinctive that it gets its own name. The best Scotch Whiskeys are renowned for their excellence and history, and Balblair Distillery offers plenty of both. It is the oldest working distillery in the Scottish Highlands, and their whisky continues to win recognition and praise year after year. Today they only release their whisky in vintages, so every bottle offers a unique experience.

Balblair 2005 is one of the younger whiskeys offered by Balblair Distillery, and it is a great indicator of all that they have to offer. Balblair 2005 is a refreshing whisky, light and fruity. It has citrus aromas of apple and honey, and has tasting notes of sweet toffee and vanilla. A long spicy finish rounds off this scotch for a very enjoyable experience.

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