“It’s basically just sparkling water”, you muse to yourself virtuously as you pop open a second Truly Spiked and Sparkling  on a Friday afternoon. Spring is in the air and you’ve managed to slip out of work a couple of hours early this weekend to maximize your much-needed outdoors enjoyment. You decided to supplement your unplanned burst of Friday sunshine with a few bottles of Truly Spiked and Sparkling , a welcome new release in the non-beer, portable adult beverage world from the Hard Seltzer Beverage Company. 

As the icy glass bottle in your hand is opened (sparkling alluringly in the stolen spring sunlight) a zesty mist arises from its neck, carrying with it aromas of sharp grapefruit and juicy pomelo. The taste is all fresh, sublime citrus, with just the barest hint of sweetness for balance.At a mild 5% ABV these are the perfect pairing for a beach day, BBQ, or picnic—joyfully thirst-quenching, reams more fun than plain club soda, but without resulting in anyone reeling into the pool fully-clothed or trying to flip burgers with his or her feet. 

Truly Spiked and Sparkling  is also available in Colima Lime and Pomegranate in addition to the Grapefruit and Pomelo version, forming a citrus forward triumvirate of flavors that each come in at just 100 calories. These are truly the civilized thing to sip this season.

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