Oscar Chang, CEO of Alchema, always had a passion for solving technical problems. One day, he and four friends from Taiwan were taste testing a few ciders from a party they attended. The flavors weren’t substantial enough for their taste, so they thought to themselves “What if we could make our own flavors?” They brainstormed ideas to bring their passion for cider to a whole new level. In 2014, Alchema was born from a love for inventing new things and sharing their invention, and enjoyment for cider with the whole world.

Many people own a machine that makes coffee. Imagine if you could make other liquids such as hard cider or wine without having to watch over it. Well now you can! Alchema doesn’t require babysitting; they handle the hassle for you. This top of the line homebrew device enables you to make a unique flavor of hard craft cider or wine. All you have to do is choose a recipe on the app, add ingredients, add your yeast packet, and voila! Alchema notifies you via cellphone when it’s complete. Hard cider never tasted so easy!

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