If you’ve ever experienced the inimitable coziness of a peat fire in Northern Scotland then you are already aware of peat’s power to to break the chill in even the most frigid Scottish evening. But in this single malt from AnCnoc (pronounced a-Nock) the peat and barley-rich soils and pure spring waters of Knock Hill in Aberdeenshire collaborate to warm your very soul from a different angle—namely, the angle the glass takes approaching your lips. Blas means “taste” in Gaelic, and even the whiskey’s bottle is imbued with it. After careful consideration of the product itself (grueling, we’re sure) and a visit to the village of Knock the Scottish-born award-winning fashion designer Patrick Grant of luxury menswear label E-Tautz and Sons created the aesthetically pleasing label embellished with Scottish wildflowers. The whisky itself is also easy on the eyes, with a rich honey hue left intact in the non-chill filtered traditional processing technique. And the taste? Citrus, praline, and honeycomb on the nose leads to vibrant stone fruit, lemongrass, and a soft hint of leather on the palate, finishing with orange peel and dark chocolate. We’re feeling warmer just thinking about it.