Just a few months ago, Oslo Håndverksdestilleri (OHD) released cask-aged Akevitt and they weren’t planning on stopping there. At the end of last month OHD announced that the first batch of Akevitt Blank is is ready for export. The traditional Norwegian drink dates back to the 15th century and is made from steeping herbs and spices. It is usually potato-based and is infused with botanicals and predominantly carries a flavor profile of caraway. For this spirit, OHD has sourced locally foraged ingredients such as Caraway, Meadowsweet, Heather flowerm, Angelica root, Juniper, Sorrel, Calamus root Chamomile flower and St. John’s wort. OHD has close relationships with farmers around Oslo and local foragers to ensure the high quality of the artisanal spirit.

The inspiration behind the creation of Akevitt Blank was to make a spirit that has a strong mixability. Though Akevitt is very well-known in Scandinavia, increasingly in the last 10 years, a growing trend across the world has emerged too. The caraway mixed with the forward note of juniper allows for a wider use of it in cocktails, especially those that originally call for gin. So enjoy it in a cocktail, neat or with food.

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