The philosophy of unplugging from the hectic world we live in, going back to a simpler mindset without the need for technology, and truly embracing the actual definition of organic built the Philadelphia based Art in the Age brand. While they offer a variety of products, their most unique is a collection of interestingly infused vodkas. Right now their four signature flavors include Root, Snap, Sage, and Rhubarb. Art in the Age has also teamed up with Tamworth Distilling out of New Hampshire to offer up a seasonal and limited edition Garden Infusion line with flavors such as Sweet Potato, Chicory, and Beet Root. All ingredients necessary to craft these one of a kind spirits are locally sourced and certified organic. Videos explaining the history behind the main ingredients are attached to each spirits’ description. Each vodka has a story behind it whether it is personal to Art in the Age or about the variety of ingredients normally overlooked for products such as spirits. Get innovative with your own cocktail creations using these rather distinctive flavors.

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