Everything at Aultmore starts with water. The sun glitters through the fog down to the natural gorse below, bright yellow flowers smelling strongly of coconut. With it grows the heather, purple flowers thriving in these highlands, earthy and strong, yet beautiful like the land around them. This mystical place is the Foggie Moss, where the water in Aultmore whiskey is filtered giving it a unique smoothness. Even more signature than this are the grassy flavors found nowhere else.

This distillery sitting peacefully in Scotland has a rich history dating back to 1895 and has long been an award winning secret. Now John Dewer & Sons Ltd. are releasing a limited quantity of its 25-year single malt scotch whiskey.

The 25-year starts on the nose with toffee, apple, and banana that drifts into oak. Your tastes are greeted with whispers of lime and baked apples at first, even caramel, but this supremely smooth scotch evolves with its voice reaching rich vanilla and buttered bread and those peculiar grassy notes. Finishing off with lingering fruit and a dash of the oak it was aged in the Aultmore 25-year proves its place as an award winning drink that should not be skipped over.