Sarah Evans

About the Author Sarah Evans

Sarah has a love of alcohol that is as varied as her writing. Ciders and Ice Wines and Liquors, oh my! For every drink there is a story, and for every story there is a reason to share a drink in celebration. From a craft beer in hand while whipping up dinner to sipping mojitos on the Mediterranean, she drinks every day to the last drop.

Le Soula-15 drink me Le Soula

Le Soula: A Bee on the Boarder

On the ancient Roman road to Spain, riding the border between the French regions of Catalonia and Languedoc, nestled between the flat plains and mountainous ridges sits the heartland of Le Soula winery. In the local dialect known as Occitan, Soula mean south and refers to the southern-facing mountains that …

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Oak & Cane Rum drink me Oak and Cane Rum

Oak and Cane Rum

Fred Greene wasn’t green when he and partners Cameron Grace and Joe Villatico founded Oak & Cane Company, and thanks to their combined experiences there is no need to go international for a great tasting, complex rum. This Florida distillery keeps their award winning Oak & Cane Rum in-state from …

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tio pepe en rama 2017 drink me Tio Pepe en Rama

Tio Pepe en Rama

The white, chalky Albariza clay soil crusts over like a loaf of bread during the hot Spanish summer, but the Jerez vineyards thrive in this hostile environment, producing the unique taste defined by the region that Tio Pepe calls home. The Uncle (Tio) that originally created the first bottles of …

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