Once we got over our initial fear that Paolo Mastrogiuseppe’s avant garde espresso machine was silently preparing to fire projectile missiles in our direction, we were able to better appreciate that A: it’s an absolutely stunning life-meets-art, gracefully designed, innovative concept in design and B: it makes a damn fine cup of coffee.

Mastrogiuseppe is no stranger to the concept of marrying art and engineering. The South African designer spent the last few years making Grand Prix-inspired coffee brewers shaped like Formula One race car engines. Prior to that he worked with his engineer father, Raffaelle, manufacturing componentry for the automotive industry  followed by a period of study at the Johannesburg Academy of Design and Drafting.

Aviatore Veloce, Mastrogiuseppe’s latest permutation in the world of espresso-meets-engine, is crafted from aviation-grade aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and aluminum bronze. Though its intricate shape mimics a prototype of a military jet engine, the actual operation is remarkably simple—add coffee, add water, pick single or double shot, and presto, a perfect steaming espresso. From the jet engine gently placed on your countertop. Your coolness factor just shot through the ceiling with the force of, well, a missile.

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