Want to explore the world of wine in a somewhat unpredictable and unknown fashion? Wine auctions are a great way to expand your cellar without knowing exactly what you’ll find until it’s time to place a bid. Now’s the time to search these markets; within the last 10 years wine specifically has seen nothing but an upward growth on the secondary market. Such a feat means wine sales have now found itself a permanent fixture on the calendar of some of the world’s top tier auction houses. And when we say worldwide, we mean it. The top five countries for the secondary wine market include the United States, France, Italy, Germany, and China. So, where to begin?

To make browsing for your next bottle even easier, Barnebys has developed an online platform for consumers to easily view and purchase from more than 2000 auction houses around the world. Imagine an entire auction market available at the click of your mouse. While they cover a wide variety of products, their wine selection is superb and offers bottles at lower prices than the primary market. But, as is always the case with auctions, we cannot stress enough to make sure you do your research and ask questions before making a bid. An informed bid is a successful bid. Remember to not get lost in the excitement of bidding; setting a price limit for yourself is always a wise self-investment.

Barnebys also offers an appraisal service to those who are looking to put a bottle to auction. You’ll be able to find an expected market value. The process is simple: upload images and a description of the wine. Within 48 hours, Barnebys will be in touch with an estimated value and a certificate. So go to your cellar and undust those bottles that have been sitting for years, maybe decades, and find them a new home before they expire. Someone will be thanking you as they pour a glass of a hard to find perfectly aged vintage. And, you’ll more than likely make a profit. Win-win for both parties.

Let Barnebys be your one stop auction location for buying and selling. Explore, expand, buy, sell—the options are truly unlimited.