Rogue Ales takes great care in crafting beers from ingredients they grow themselves. This is evident in their Honey Kolsch. Part of the Rogue Farms series, every ingredient in this beer is from their Independence, OR farmland. Along with many crops, this property is home to more than 7 million honeybees. These bees have a mutually beneficial relationship with the crops as they pollinate and feed on nectar from marionberry, cherry, pumpkin, jalapeño, and wildflower blossoms.

Kolsch Staged 26 drink me Rogue Honey Kolsch

Rogue’s goal in this warm-weather beer was to showcase the terroir of their farm via the included honey while retaining its light-bodied and refreshing qualities. Its aroma is delicate with notes of straw, grain, and florals. The honey shows through on the palate, offering a light sweetness which is counterbalanced by a soft hop bitterness on the finish. This beer’s flavorful yet quenching personality makes it a go-to when the sun comes out.

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