Two hundred and fifty years of persistence, expertise, and craftsmanship has led to the Berkeley Square London Dry Gin we know today. Also referenced as the “single malt” of the gin world, Berkeley Square is both complex and refined to give drinkers an incredibly satisfactory experience. Though traditionally distilled, the Berkeley Square secret lies within the “bouquet garni” distillation method. While in the pot still, the gin is infused with a blend of handpicked botanicals such as basil, lavender, and kaffir lime leaves. But to fully grasp the true Berkeley Square essence one must know its roots.

Berkeley Square became a timeless and popular gin starting in the 1700s appealing to discerning drinkers and connoisseurs alike. It is still distilled in the oldest distillery in England and made in the same way and tradition as a single malt Scotch whisky. Berkeley Square is only handled by the Master Distiller in small batches to ensure its quality remains consistent. The aforementioned bouquet garni is left undisturbed in the triple distilled spirit for 48 hours to draw out all available essential oils. By maintaining this exact process with minor tweaks over the years, Berkeley Square is a ultra premium gin with an unimaginably smooth finish.