Love the warmth of a cup of tea? How about a shot of it instead? Bluebird Alpine Liqueur derives its soul-soothing qualities from fermented batches of the old English standby—but there’s no need to put the kettle on to feel the heat of this creation. Enjoy it neat, or, in a more whimsical mood, added to a variety of cocktails. Angelica root, orange peel and fennel infuse the liqueur with an aromatic brightness, reminiscent of a summery hillside (no matter what the weatherman says). An offshoot of Townshend’s Tea Company, Bluebird distiller Thomas & Sons takes brewing leafy herb bouquets in a completely new direction: Though comparative newcomers to tea’s thousands-years-old ritual, the Portland, Oregon-based project’s offerings are sure to become steeped in sipping and sharing traditions everywhere.

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