You might not know this, but actor Channing Tatum went on a personal quest to find the best vodka in the USA (no this is not a movie). Spoiler alert, he didn’t find it. But in his travels, he did stumble upon Grand Teton Distillery and he was inspired by the quality of their products, their proud family run business mentality, and their small batch distillation methods. This meeting led first to inspiration, then to collaboration, and finally to the invention of a brand-new vodka, Born and Bred. This small batch vodka is made from pure unspoiled glacial water from the Grand Teton Mountains, home-grown Idaho potatoes, and is distilled 20 times before bottling. It’s hand crafted, charcoal-filtered and it’s more than just a mixer for your favorite cocktail, it’s a way of life.

This product encompasses everything you would want in the perfect vodka, and everything that Tatum was looking for in his search. It is a spirit made for casual company, good times, and special occasions when the time arises. The brand itself is a representation of a life of adventure, and their mascot the Jackalope, embodies the imagery, and the mythology of the American west and the quest for the unknown. Born and Bred is best paired with good times, close friends, and the exciting possibility of what could happen when you mix in a cup of mischief.

The clean and crisp flavor makes it a perfect complement to your favorite cocktails or allows it to stand boldly alone, neat or poured smooth over ice.

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