Did you ever want to be a sommelier with your own vineyard to produce and sell fine wines? Well, now you can, hypothetically of course. Join in on the fun of strategic winemaking by way of Vinhos (Portuguese for “wine”) from Vital Lacerda. This Monopoly inspired game combines classic economic games with wine production. Once opening the game, you are no longer you. You become a Portuguese winemaker with a goal of producing the highest quality wine and selling them for profit and victory points. You have six years (each round is one year) to achieve winery greatness. Build your own winery by buying vineyards, planting harvest, cultivating vines of carefully selected varietals, and participating in trade fairs. By simulating the real-life wine business, you’ll hire educated enologists and capable farmers to assist you in upholding your winery reputation. The main randomized factor with the biggest impact is your yearly forecast that is mapped out to have factual effects on your vineyards quality for the year.

Now that you have the basics, here’s the gist of exactly how to expand your winery in six years. The primary way to begin positive growth is to establish different estates in different regions of Portugal with each region having a specific value number. On your player board are your Warehouses where you can add cellars and age your wine as well as your vineyards and wineries. Your vineyards can produce either red or white wine as indicated by the tile’s color. At the beginning of each year, you received your yearly weather forecast that determines the success of that growing season. To further improve your wine quality, you can hire seasoned ecologists and farmers. Once you have your wine bottled, choose whether to sell to local Portuguese establishments or export your wine for nationwide domination. Every few years, the Wine Tasting Fair pits your wine against your opponents for a true test of the trade.

If you can’t wait for Vinhos to be released, play online for free.

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