Master of Malt offers up a wonderful series of tasting options under the label Drinks by the Dram. This selection of fine bourbon includes a fantastic selection of hard to find bottles all with their own unique flavor profiles. Each comes in its own little 3cl bottle (about one ounce for the Americans) and is the perfect gift for any aspiring bourbon aficionado.

Included in this set is the award winning FEW bourbon which has become quite difficult to find as more and more people have fallen in love with The Woodford Reserve is an excellent bourbon in its own right, but is by far the easiest to acquire of the lot. 2004 was a fantastic year for the Evan Williams single barrel and you can look forward to enjoying big notes of caramel and vanilla thanks to ten years spent in charred American oak barrels. Hudson Baby Bourbon is also an award-winning spirit and the Blanton’s Gold Edition is normally only found in duty free stores at airports and in some international markets.

There isn’t a clunker among these bourbons and each will have you appreciating different aspects of the great American spirit. Although the price may seem a little high, it is far cheaper than you could ever hope to try these bourbons at a bar. You are also unlikely to find a bar with this amazing selection. Do yourself or loved one a favor and get them the gift of this great bourbon tasting set for the holiday season.