Brennen & Brown deliver a taste of London Dry via the Cotswold with this Colonial Gin. If you’re a G&T lover, then this gin from Cheltenham, England is a must-have.

Stored in this cleanly-designed bottle is a gin ever so crisp and refreshing with its fresh pine, juniper berries, rich citrus, and licorice notes. This tasty tipple is a result of experimentation and great chemistry at work. The gin is prepared with a vacuum process using rotary evaporator stills, affectionately called Gin-of-Eve, Heidi, and Flo-Mo by the Brennen & Brown gang.

This TLC for their equipment and process shines through in their Colonial Gin, which tastes great and warms the soul. If you’re unsure of whether or not you need another gin in your cabinet, just think of Brennen & Brown’s tagline: “there’s always time for gin.”