Many tea lovers will tell you: the taste of tea steeped with loose leaves is better than that of a cup brewed with a pre-packaged bag.

When it comes to enjoying a cup of tea on-the-go, however, loose leaves can turn into a logistical nightmare.

Enter the Imbue Tea Magnetic Brewing Vessel. Created by industrial design students at Western Washington University in Bellingham, the Imbue promises to brew a great cup of tea from a container the size of a standard travel mug.

Packaged within this beautiful and smart design is everything needed to brew loose leaf tea on-the-go in three easy steps. Before heading out for the day, tea lovers simply put their favorite loose leaf tea into the metal strainer, and then attach it to the magnetic lid. Once ready for that cup, they simply add hot water, screw on the cap, and flip the container to start the brewing process.

Beyond making loose-leaf tea brewing easy, the Imbue is durable and beautiful. Its shatter-resistant borosilicate glass is essential for a container likely to face a small beating on a work commute. What really elevates the Imbue’s design, however, is the bamboo lid and fabric cozy, which makes the container something that people can not only use, but love too.