Indiana’s oldest and largest based winery, Oliver Winery, has something bubbly and sweet up their sleeve that they’re ready to share with consumers. A new line of sparkling wines aptly named Bubblecraft will contain a red and white variety. Sparkling wines have increased in popularity and are the perfect refreshing addition for everyday celebrations, holidays, special occasions, or just because bubbles are fun!

Bubblecraft Red is a luscious, sweet, and vibrantly ruby colored Concord wine. Something that looks this lively needs a bright and satisfying finish. Considered America’s original dessert wine, Concord is well known for its classic flavor. This sweet treat doesn’t have to be pushed aside for the end; it pairs well with any cuisine.

Bubblecraft White, though still sweet, offers a crisper and subtler taste. The delicate floral scent accompanies the gentle taste of Niagara grapes. Best enjoyed with poultry or light cheeses, this fizz won’t disappoint

Add a little sparkle in your life.