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New Woodford Reserve Visitors’ Center Opens

With 1.4 million visitors having visited the Kentucky Bourbon trail over the last year, Woodford Reserve has redesigned its welcome center to accommodate the wave of foot traffic it’s been receiving. Last year alone, the Woodford Reserve Distillery saw 150,000 guests come through the door. The new visitors center, a …

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What Defines A Summer Wine?

What defines a summer wine? With rosé finally breaking free of its strictly spring/summer boundaries and more people recognizing that reds can be successfully chilled, it’s time to rethink what makes a bottle fit for the sunny weather: Refreshing: A summer wine hits the spot when temperatures hit 90, maybe …

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Prideful Cocktails

With upcoming Pride celebrations coming up, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas’ Chef Mixologist, Mariena Mercer concocted this masterpiece for the month of June available at the Property’s The Chandelier bar. The Loud & Proud cocktail will be available for the entire month of June for $17.00 on the 1.5 level …

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