The powerful finesse of the combination of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay built The House of Lanson, which supplies expertly crafted Champagne. Each grape used is selected based on quality from over 500 hectares of vines located in the wine-growing region of Champagne. The blending of different grapes from various plots involves a delicate process to ensure the right flavors and aromas are appropriately paired.

Nothing screams Valentine’s Day light a delightfully bubbly glass of Champagne. Lanson has released the perfect start to your celebration. Champagne Lanson Rose Label Brute Rosé NV. Lanson spent 3 years perfecting this one-of-a-kind Rosé that became the UK’s number one best-selling Rosé Champagne by volume and value. It’s no surprise with a makeup of 32% Chardonnay, 53% Pinot Noir, and 15% Pinot Meunier. The three make for a well-balanced finish and pleasant rose aromas. Pairing well with fish dishes and red berry desserts as well as being delicious on its home, Champagne Lanson Rose Label Brute Rosé NV will impress both the ladies and the men so add a little sparkle to your Valentine’s Day.

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