A special pink ribbon bottles leads consumers into the month of October. Every purchase of Chopin Vodka helps the crafters of Chopin reach their donation goal of $15,000. This successful tactic has raised over $59,000 in the past four years.

Chopin is an alluring and silky smooth potato vodka. To the nose, you’ll notice an entrancing and delicate scent, while the tongue detects subtle touches of vanilla and green apple. Overall, it’s an incredibly creamy and well-rounded spirit with a reassuring earthiness and clean finish. All these attributes make Chopin an excellent base for cocktails or served neat or on the rocks.

To achieve this versatile vodka, forty potatoes are needed to create one 750mL bottle, which adds up to approximately 55 tons of potatoes processed each day at the distillery! The potatoes are they cleaned, pressure-cooked unpeeled, mashed, and fermented for three days. After the fermentation process, the mash is distilled four times creating a spirit that is almost 100% alcohol. Chopin is finally shelf ready at their bottling plant where it’s blended with artesian well water and filtered five times.

Support breast cancer research and drink potatoes!


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