Looking like something that was clandestinely pried off of a dark version of the Taj Majal, the oblong sculpure-like decanter housing the exclusive Clase Azul Ultra Añejo just may be the most beautiful bottle of tequila in the world. Crafted of obsidian-colored Talavera ceramic embossed with gracefully executed artwork of Mexican artisans painted in liquid platinum and 24-karat gold, Clase Azul releases only 100 bottles per year, making the bottles themselves a coveted collectors item. Contained within this ornate receptacle is a tequila as artful as the bottle—soft and voluptuous in texture, ripe with rich flavors of smoky oak, cinnamon and warm vanilla.

The process to create Clase Azul Ultra Añejo starts in the Jalisco Highlands of Mexico with organic Blue Weber agave that’s matured for 9 years. The agave piñas are slow-cooked for 72 hours, distilled in traditional copper pot stills, and triple micrón filtrated to ensure optimal smoothness.

The next step is the most integral for the tequila’s unique flavor profile: the liquid is aged in oak barrels previously used to contain Spanish sherry for a full 5 years, allowing the plethora of flavors contained in the wood to impart their distinctive characteristics on the aging tequila. Fortunately a case of the book equaling the stunning cover, this is a undeniably luxurious tequila meant to be sipped neat and savored.

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