They say patience is a virtue, and Codigo 1530’s Rosa Tequila absolutely supports that statement. This elegant and sophisticated tequila is an evolution of Codigo 1530’s Blanco, as it rested for one month in uncharted Napa Cabernet French White Oak Barrels. This resting period allowed for the Cabernet to interact directly with the tequila, giving a luscious taste of natural agave juice, all the while joining the delicate flower notes in holy matrimony. This pink-hued tequila is unlike any other, as the agave taste leads and melts beautifully into soft notes of Cabernet.

Naturally crafted to perfection, the fully-matured agave that enriches this tequila has been aged over seven years, and is perfectly and delicately extracted by Codigo 1530’s proprietary chopper; allowing the richest flavor at your fingertips. The purity of this tequila, matched with luscious flavor, erupts the senses with the help of the volcanic soil of Los Bajos that filters Amatitán water from freshwater pools and rainwater to make this spirit. As if this tequila couldn’t sound any more naturally decadent, there are no added chemicals, flavoring, or sugar – preserving the rich taste of Los Bajos agave.

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