Crisps are great. What’s better? Crisps made fresh right in front of you, of course, and served with your choice of sweet and savory dips. This is the business model of HipChips, a new shop in Soho that wants to reinvent the potato crisp. You can pick your own seasonings and even have your choice of spuds, for those of you who’d like to see what different potato types do for flavor. And as icing on the cake, (or dip on the crisp) they have partnered with Gordon’s Gin, London’s premier gin distillery, to create three new dips available for a limited time.

The dips are enticing, to say the least. Choose between Beets, Maple, Feta and Gordon’s Gin, Lime and Gordon’s Gin Cheesecake, or even Gooseberry, Elderflower and Gordon’s Gin. The HipChips-Gordon’s medium sized snack box, which comes fresh crisps and all three dips costs a very reasonable £6.75. HipChips is also selling a G&T premix can for £6.50 when you purchase a crisp and dip box. Fresh crisps, fun dips, and a G&T? How quick can I get there?


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