If the name “Flesh & Blood” for Dogfish Head’s new IPA stirs up some ominous connotations for you, fear not. The “flesh and blood” of which the moniker refers once belonged to ripe, juicy, lemons and blood oranges, the zesty and bright essence of which elevate this brew from just another strong, bitter, earthy IPA to an inspired balancing act of vibrant flavors.

The lives of these noble fruits were not given in vain, and indeed their juicy legacy lives on in every mouthful of this hoppy and fruit-forward IPA. Expertly crafted from a blend of Warrior, Centennial, and an unnamed (and a bit mysterious) “rare experimental hop” according to Dogfish, Flesh & Blood pours an appealing deep amber with a fluffy, creamy head. Traditional IPA aromas of resin and malt mingle with bursts of vibrant lemon and orange peel, and the palate follows suit with a satisfying balance of bitterness (45 BPU) and loads of citrus.

The alcohol content is relatively high at 7.5%, but the luscious orange and lemon juiciness of the beer keep it from tasting heavy or strong in alcohol. It’s a lovely summer sipper, but to mistake it for a session IPA could get dangerous…Consider yourselves warned.

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