Drink Me started an exciting experiment recently, to try Barrel Char in a Jar. The idea is to receive specialty types of toasted and charred wood for aging and flavoring liquor. The “Barrel Char in a Jar” kit comes complete with tools and glassware to age your own whiskey, vodka, rum, gin, tequila or any other type of alcoholic spirit that comes to mind.

This is the second of three stories chronicling our ‘Barrel Char in a Jar’ journey, and we’re bursting to share our experience. 

The packaged kits give the user five different types of toasted and charred wood. 

Azunia Tequila with Birch Wood Aging

The packaged kits give the user five different types of toasted and charred wood. We elected to partner birch medium roast with Azunia Tequila, an organic Blanco that the Drink Me team loves to work with. It’s 40% alc/vol.

MONTH 1: Here’s a picture we took when we started out. We had just introduced the stave to the tequila. 

MONTH 2: Six weeks in and we can seed the liquid has turned a fabulous golden color, reminiscent of an Irish Whiskey. We did notice some small particles in the liquid, perhaps from the wood, and we’ll be following up with Barrel Char in a Jar for information on how to simply filter those out, for our final installment next month. 

Upon opening the jar we acknowledged fresh, toasty wood notes that weren’t there before. On first entry, we there was an extra smokiness over this Blanco Tequila, creating an entirely altered flavor profile which we loved as much as the original liquid in the bottle. 

Nellie Collins Whiskey with Cherry Medium Toast

We paired cherry medium toast with Nellie Collins Fecking Knacker, a moonshine corn whiskey, 50.5% alc/vol, for our second exploration.

MONTH 1: Here’s a picture upon first mixing the wood and whiskey.

MONTH 2: As you can see the color is very different to the initial liquid. This beautiful brown whiskey looks and smells wholly enticing. The effects of the cherry wood made it a tad sweeter on the nose while maintaining that peppery wood element. Upon tasting we discovered a tad more depth to the original version, making it rounder on the back palate. Can’t wait to see what the following month’s developments bring!

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