Drinking responsibly is something everyone talks about.

The newly formed International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD), a non-profit organization, did something about it. They launched ResponsibleDrinking.org, a consumer-orientated site full of useful data on issues surrounding consumption of beverages containing alcohol. The data is based upon scientific evidence supplied by experts from public health, science, and academia. Consumers will be informed about different forms of alcohol, as well as both immediate and long-term effects of consumption. The site will be updated on a regular basis. Plans are under way to translate it into a number of languages, so that content is disseminated to consumers worldwide.

ResponsibleDrinking.org aims at establishing a highly informative hub of cutting edge research and intellectual data from health organizations around the globe, scientists, medical professionals and governments. IARD aspires to translate the data into concise, use-friendly, easy-to-understand terms to aid consumers in making informed choices.

For more info visit ResponsibleDrinking.org