Many mornings, hard at work, I often forget about my coffee.

After responding to a few emails, I return to my precious travel mug of coffee for a savored warm sip, only to find a cold and dull taste in my mouth.

Emerging startup Ember Technologies is out to solve this problem for me and other busy coffee lovers with a “smart” travel mug. The Internet of Things meets coffee with Ember, “the world’s most advanced mug,” which promises to keep your coffee at the perfect temperature for two hours.

The mug is easy to use. The drinker sets their preferred beverage temperature, and the mug then cools or heats the drink accordingly. Like all great IoT tech, the mug communicates with your phone. Using the accompanied app, users can save temperature settings for certain beverages and receive mobile notifications when their drink has reached the Goldilocks setting. On top of the tech, the BPA-free mug has a leak-proof lid and ergonomically designed grip.

Putting out fires will never stop, but the Ember is a welcomed constant for preserving the comfort of the warm, savored sip throughout the day.