You’re familiar with the economic principles of supply and demand; you know that as a consumer every choice you make with your dollars, pounds, euros, etc. has an effect, however miniscule, on the global economy. To this end you’ve been purchasing Fairtrade coffee, honey, and chocolate for years, and as a consumer you’ve had the welcome benefit (beyond the ethical implications) of being on the receiving end of products that are typically held to a higher standard. Your coffee is an organic, non-GMO Ethiopian roast and it (happily) happens to be some of the best-tasting coffee in the world.

Inspired by these same standards of excellence, ethics, and sustainability, FAIR has created the world’s first line of 100% Fairtrade Certified spirits, all crafted with organic-certified botanicals. The company is held to a rigorous standard that includes approximately 200 criteria to ensure farmers are fairly compensated and ingredients like organic sugar cane from Belize and juniper berries from Uzbekistan are sustainably sourced.

And on to the next step in the lives of those Uzbekistani juniper berries—they are macerated with Fairtrade spices from Kerala for one week and distilled in an alambic copper pot still by French Master Distiller Philip Laclie to create the richly-flavored and vibrantly aromatic Fair Juniper Gin. Peppery, spicy, and citrus-forward, Fair Juniper Gin is an excellent candidate for a classic gin and tonic or a bone-dry martini with a twist. Support social equity and environmental sustainability whilst drinking a premium craft gin—you’re not exactly Joan of Arc, but every little bit helps.

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