Ask Oliver Thames where to find the best oysters and he’ll tell you: Bulls Bay.

Bulls Bay, located near Charleston in South Carolina’s Lowcountry, is home to some of the finest examples of these salty delicacies. If you then ask Thames how to serve them, he’ll tell you to roast them over the fire like his family has been doing in the area for 300 years.

With the rise of propane-fueled steamers, Thames saw this Lowcountry culinary tradition dying out. To preserve the wood-fired oyster roasts, he started Bulls Bay OYRO.

In addition to local catering, Bulls Bay OYRO produces a cooker allowing home enthusiasts and seafood restaurants to fire-roast oysters true to the Lowcountry method. The cooker comes with a cooking table, cooking tray and fire box made of steel, and promises to produce oysters with a smoky flavor that a steamer just can’t deliver.

The cookers can be picked up or shipped to any location in the United States. Just make sure the oysters you’re throwing over the fire come from the Charleston area too.