Aston Manor, the UK’s largest independent cider makers, has launched a new addition to their line. Friels Hop Infused Cider takes the popular First Press Vintage cider as its bas and combines the flavor with three hops strains to give a cider with a subtle hop kick. Mixing together the delicate floral flavor of Challenger hops, the slight lime-peach of Archer hops, and the spicy sweetness of Sterling hops into the cider without having the original base become overpowered is no easy task. However, the masters at Aston Manor have managed to make a cider where the apple is the main player but with a gentle hop finish. John Faulkner-Elliott, the cider maker in charge, said of this new addition “These hops tie in beautifully with the dessert apples’ delicious sweetness, whilst giving extra complexity.” And who would know better than the creator himself?