It’s not everyday we see a winery lineage come from the renowned bear taming village of Ercé which lies at the foot of the Pyrenees in Ariège. When 19th century rural France had a hard time feeding its people, many inhabitants emigrating in hopes of a better future. One specific bear tamer, Artaud, found himself in the United States for many years until he experience a longing to return home to France for his golden years in 1912. The land of his choosing was in Tariquet but far too expensive for Artaud to afford alone.

Artaud turned to his son, Jean Pierre, who remained in New York as a bartender to officially make this diamond in the rough property their own. When war broke out in 1914, Jean Pierre returned to France to fight for his country. After sustaining an injury causing years worth of memory loss, Jean Pierre was hardly recognizable and longed for his wife, Pauline, he’d left behind in New York. She soon joined him in France and welcomed their daughter soon after.

Hélène marks the first generation to transform the family property in Tariquet with the help of her husband Pierre. The property boasts a complete restoration and now produces Bas-Armagnac brandies. As their business expanded so did their family with the addition of white wines and four children.

Armagnac is Europe’s oldest eau-de-vie and is split into 3 sub-regions. One of those regions—Chateau du Tariquet—produces exclusively Bas-Armagnacs. Of their supurb selection, Chateau du Tariquet’s Folle Blanche 12 Years, Folle Blanche 15 Years, VSOP, and XO truly stand out. Chateau du Tariquet’s Folle Blanche 12 Years is 100% Folle Blanche with a rich golden hue complemented by splashes of zesty fruit, pineapple, nutmeg, black pepper, and the typical great Bas-Armagnac nutty flavor. Chateau du Tariquet’s Folle Blanche 15 Years is also 100% Folle Blanche but holds a more mahogany color with a combined intenseness from scents of orange reserve, rancio, honey, and pepper and a strong spiciness and dried fruit on the palate. VSOP is comprised of 60% Ugni blanc and 40% Baco making for an impressive amber-yellow color with a lively bouquet of flavors including floral notes, woody spices, fresh mint, vanilla, liquorice, and macerated fruit overtones. XO is another amber-yellow choice made from 60% Ugni blanc and 40% Baco but contains a dominate dried fruit flavor with quince jelly, dried, flowers, and coconut undertones. Taste years of history and perfecting the art with every sip.